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Services / Dental treatment (curative)


Dental treatment (curative)

  • Dental restoration with fillings is the most commonly performed procedure in any dental office. Depending on the patient's needs and wishes, the procedure can be carried out under local anaesthesia.

    Amalgam fillings enable a most economical treatment of the back teeth. The use of Amalgam in dentistry dates back to the mid 19th century, when the father of modern stomatology, G.V.Black, introduced the element as we know it today, along with the suitable clinical procedures.

    An aesthetic alternative are white, composite fillings. Composites are plastic materials, which represent a good substitute for lost dental tissue.
  • Caries and dental lesions cause changes in the dental pulp (the dental nerve). Irreversible changes lead to the pulp's decay. Such tissue has to be removed from the tooth and replaced by a suitable filling material. This is done by the means of a root canal treatment. Depending on the patient's needs, the procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia. Often, more than one session is required in order to conclude the treatment process.

    The root canal treatment is inevitably followed by tooth restoration and other rehabilitation processes. With the development of new materials and techniques in modern stomatology, the prognosis for defective teeth has improved. On the other hand, treatment costs have dramatically increased.
  • Next to caries, parodontosis is the most common cause of tooth loss. Bacteria in dental plaque combined with an inflammatory reaction cause a complex disease, resulting in the denudation of the tooth base. Since the illness is usually not accompanied by pain, the consequences are often fatal for the tooth.

    Tooth loss can be prevented with early detection and appropriate treatment. In our dental office, we perform conservative procedures for the removal of tooth plaque. It is often neccessary to continue the treatment under the care of a parodonthologist.

    The newest research in parodontal diseases shows that the gravity of the illness was underestimated. A large number and variety of bacteria in tooth plaque can immensely influence one's general health and accelerate the progression of some illnesses, like diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases and osteoporosis. Parodontosis can cause premature childbirth and a low birth weight in babies. Bacteria found in dental plaque are potentially dangerous for patients with a weak immune system.
  • Pulling teeth is the last alternative in dental treatment. It is always performed under local anaesthesia. Complex clinical cases are treated by oral surgeons.

    It is always advisable to replace missing teeth.